67% of electricity in 2022 comes from renewable energies

The figure is much higher than that of Spain and France

67% of electricity in 2022 comes from renewable energies

67% of the electricity consumed last year in Andorra came from renewable sources. This data was found when closing the energy calculations in which the origin of all the energy that covered the country’s electricity demand is compared.
Betting on renewables is one of the company’s goals, with the power plant as its main asset. For this reason, apart from the investments to maintain the plant and create new infrastructures of renewable sources, FEDA committed since 2019 to promote clean sources in the importation. In fact, the director of the company, Albert Moles, has explained that “we aim for 100% of the energy to be renewable”.

Thus, the percentage of consumption of renewable sources in Andorra is higher than that of Spain, which is 42%, and France (25%). In 2022, the total electricity consumed in Andorra was 554,791 MWh and almost 67% was of renewable origin: 38% wind, 24% hydraulic and 4% solar, taking into account the valorization of waste, being 8%. In addition, 15% of nuclear energy, 10% of gas and 1% of coal have been consumed.

It should be noted that since the creation of FEDA, 2022 has been the year in which a greater percentage of renewable energy has been consumed, thanks to the organization’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, since the fight against climate change is an issue that cannot be limited by territories.

In order to increase the percentage of renewable energy in the country, FEDA has an investment action plan in green production infrastructures, with the Pic de Maià wind farm as a priority, since it would have a great impact on the overall national production, and allowed to increase energy self-sufficiency, which is one of the Keys to face the current situation of the energy market.

Another way to contribute to the production of renewables is through private initiatives, such as self-consumption photovoltaic installations and in the case of companies, through the Green Light Seal, which identifies companies that certify 100% of the electricity they consume as renewable.
Of the total national production, the main source is the FEDA hydroelectric plant, which has generated 69,563 MWh/year. 

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