A celebration of the Christian religion to show love to mothers

The custom is to give flowers or a cologne to the parents on the first Sunday of May

A celebration of the Christian religion to show love to mothers
A child feeding his mother. | The Newspaper

A mother is that person who gives her life for her children in every way and with whom she usually maintains a special relationship. Yesterday was Mother’s Day, a celebration that in Andorra, like in other countries such as Spain, takes place on the first Sunday of May. The custom is to give a gift to the mother accompanied by a dedication. This detail can be flowers, a cologne, a book or even the perfect excuse to have breakfast, lunch or dinner with the family. 

The first celebrations of Mother’s Day date back to ancient Greece where honors were paid to Rhea, the mother of the gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. On the other hand, the Romans named this celebration La Hilaria and celebrated it on March 15 in the temple of Cybele, where they made offerings for three days. 

In the case of England, specifically in the 17th century, there was a similar event called Mothering Sunday. The children went to mass and then returned home with gifts for their mothers. 

In 1905, the American Anna Jarvis, after her mother died, decided to write to teachers, religious, politicians and lawyers to support her in her project to celebrate Mother’s Day on the anniversary of death of his mother, on the second Sunday of May. Jarvis got many answers and, five years later, in 1910 this day was already celebrated. 

This was an initiative that was well received and got the United States Congress to present a bill in favor of celebrating Mother’s Day. In 1914, this holiday was approved and declared a national holiday. A fact that was supported by the president of that time, Woodrow Wilson. 

In 1923, Jarvis saw that this celebration was beginning to be commercialized and that it was losing the sentimental origin of the celebration, he filed a lawsuit for this date to be removed from the calendar of official holidays. The same person at the beginning of the century fought to ensure that this day was celebrated and years later, fought for it to be removed from the calendar. 

Mother’s Day used to be celebrated on December 8, coinciding with the Immaculate Conception. One of the reasons why the date was changed is because according to the Christian religion, the month of May is the month of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. Another was for commercial purposes, because it is considered to be a time when customers are more receptive. The good weather accompanies these initiatives. 

Maternal-filial relationship/ This special bond between mothers and children is the cause of the umbilical cord that has united them for nine months. Although this one is cut at birth, there are characteristic features that they share. It is not the only cause, since mothers who have adopted or acted as mothers without having been pregnant, in the end, also end up achieving this bond, due to the fact that it is forged with day-to-day, communication and trust that both people prove themselves.

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