Andorra can be a leader in innovation and sustainability

The seventh edition of INNTEC has been a success

Andorra can be a leader in innovation and sustainability
A moment from the seventh Inntec Days. | ACTIN

The seventh edition of the Innovation and New Technologies Conference (INNTEC) held between Wednesday and Thursday was a success, according to the organizers. A total of 150 attendees participated between the two days, the first dedicated to the phygital trade and the second to sustainability and innovation. During the two days they held seven conferences and four round tables; and 21 speakers participated.

The general director of ACTINN, Andorra’s cluster of innovation and new technologies, Ignasi Martín emphasized that “the presentations and round tables have been very interesting and expansive, which has created a very close atmosphere among the attendees for to promote networking. New trends and technologies have been highlighted and we have learned new strategies to be more active and proactive».

The conclusion drawn from the conference is that Andorra can be a leader in innovation and sustainability and must bet to be so, for this reason it must work in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and implement – them in companies.
So, with regard to the first day, it was concluded that it is necessary to find a symbiosis between the best of the physical store and the virtual one. In addition, the audience must be well understood and segmented. With regard to Thursday’s meeting, it was concluded that the application of the ODS must be seen as an instrument of innovation and creativity to promote business solutions and strengthen their business model.

It should be noted that the seventh edition of the INNTEC conference has awarded the ACTINN Awards 2022 to Xavier Mandicício, from the company Accessible Universal Travel. The INNTEC Conference was sponsored by Crèdit Andorrà, FEDA, Andorra Business and Andorra Research and Innovation; in addition to the sponsorship of NAOS, GrandValira, Andorra Telecom and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services, with the collaboration of the municipality of Andorra la Vella.

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