‘Born to Read’ celebrates its seventeenth edition

It has been decided to promote a rebrand, creating a new logo

'Born to read' celebrates its seventeenth edition
“Born to Read” poster. | Government of Andorra

The Public Reading and Libraries Unit is organizing the “Born to Read” party today from 10.30 am in the lobby of Sala Prat del Roure, in Escaldes-Engordany. The show is recommended for children aged two to six and is open to the public.
The project, which turns 16 this year, aims to get as many children as possible to enjoy the pleasure of counting from an early age, and to also help them with their cognitive, emotional and intellectual development. It should also be noted that to make the project a reality, we work together with Culture and Health, librarians and doctors, midwives and nurses, as well as Nursery School Educators. Throughout these years, 254 activities have been promoted for children from zero to three years old and more than 1,397 families have registered.

On this occasion, the children enrolled in the project who have turned three between June 1, 2022 and May 31, 2023 have been invited to the party, who this year will go from being “Born to Read” to “Little Readers”. In addition, the children will receive a Reader’s Diploma and an illustrated story as a thank you for participating in the project.

Coinciding with the evolution of the program, it has been decided to promote a change of image. This is why a logo has been created, which represents the theme clearly with the presence of a baby and a book. In addition, it has a new friendly and childlike typography.

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