Creand dresses up the group’s offices with an innovative sign

Creand maintains the essence of the group and reinforces the values ​​of service and innovation

Creand dresses up the group's offices with an innovative sign
Image| Creand

The new Creand brand is beginning to be applied to the bank’s eleven face-to-face and six automatic branches, as well as the insurance company’s branches and other group facilities. From today and throughout the weekend, it is planned to carry out the work to change the signage.

The application will gradually be carried out on the rest of the posters and supports where the Crèdit Andorrà brand is present, which are integrated in a large part of the Andorran landscape, both on the ski slopes and in other areas where it collaborates the organization
Creand’s offices will also incorporate the image of the new brand’s campaign in which key concepts such as drive, innovate, dream, listen, collaborate and lead are highlighted, with employees and family members as protagonists.

The group’s employees and shareholders celebrated last Thursday the change of brand in a private event that gave the green light to the entire process of applying the brand in Andorra.

The new brand unifies the identity of all the companies that make up the group, thus increasing synergies in the different financial markets where it is present, increasing notoriety and fostering a sense of belonging.

Creand maintains the essence of the group and reinforces the values ​​of service, pioneering, innovation, proximity and social commitment.

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