Dolsa presents an appeal to the Superior Administrative Court for the Grifols P3 laboratory

The councilor of X’Ordino willing to go to Strasbourg for the P3 laboratory

Yesterday at the Ordino council, the councilor of X’Ordino, Enric Dolsa, announced that this past Wednesday he presented an appeal to the Superior Administrative Court for the P3 laboratory of Grifols, claiming the nullity of the membership agreement for non-compliance with the law and subsequent agreements which, according to Dolsa, also breach the regulations.

Once resolved, in case the resolution is not favorable, they plan to go to the Constitutional Court and, as he has already expressed on numerous occasions, they are ready to go to Strasbourg. In other words, “if neither of the two courts in the country decides that the law has been breached with the Grifols case, before the end of the year the case will be presented to the court in Strasbourg”, expressed Dolsa.

In addition, during the common session, the councilor of X’Ordino refuted the statements of the second consul who, a few days ago, assured that Ordino had won the yes vote in Grifols, taking it for granted that the victory in the elections gave resounding support. Dolsa recalled that “if we add the votes of PS+X’Ordino and Andorra Endavant, the two parties that had expressed their opposition to the installation of the P3 laboratory in the parish, the result is favorable to the anti-Grifols”. 

In the last election on April 2, it was clear that the issue of pharmaceuticals was the central axis of the campaign, and, “the referendum that we have been asking for for a long time was held at the polls and we won the opponents in the laboratory”, said Enric Dolsa.

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