Final point in the third edition of the Open Andbank

The intention is to make it grow and to be present in more ambitious calendars

Final point in the third edition of the Open Andbank
A snapshot of this weekend’s competition.

The third edition of the Andbank Swimming Open took place last weekend with great participation: eight Catalan clubs, the Federación Navarra de Natación, and the five Andorran clubs. In total, 350 athletes swam in the different events. The acting Secretary of State for Sports Justo Ruiz; the consul major of Andorra la Vella, David Astrié; the director of the Andbank office in Plaça Rebés, Anna Haro; the director of the Andbank de Prada Ramon office, Natàlia Trouillet, and Estela Montejo, representing the Serradells Synchronized Swimming Club, were in charge of handing out the prizes.

“We would like to consolidate the Open Andbank so that it is present in the calendar of the most competitive clubs, not only Catalan but also the countries with which we have signed an agreement such as France, Spain, and Portugal. Institutional and business collaboration is already a reality, and we celebrate it too”, pointed out the president of the Andorran Swimming Federation (FAN), Joan Clotet, who added that “we are of the opinion that the participation of absolute Andorran swimmers scholarships, such as Patrick Pelegrina, who swam in this edition, can add value and benefit the growth of the event. This fact, added to the synergy of the image with the swimming clubs of the Principality, will certainly contribute to promoting the sports growth of the base”, he added. 

In the sporting field, the 13-year-old Andorran record of Marc Montraveta of CN Serradells stands out, in the 200 meter butterfly, with a time of 2:49.03 that lowers Ivan’s previous mark of 2:53.26 Grougnet, valid since May 18, 1997. On the other hand, the minimums for the Spanish Summer Championship of the Duna Jorge, from CLESER, in the 50-meter backstroke with a time of 38, stand out. 47; from the children’s Biel Cuen, from CLESER in the test of 100 free meters with a time of 55.30; and junior Kevin Teixeira from CN Escaldes, in the 200 meter freestyle with a record of 2:13.58 seconds. The Biel Cuen minimum is also the minimum for the European Youth Olympic Festival 2023 that will be held in the city of Maribor (Slovenia) from July 23 to 29, 2023.

We must emphasize the participation of prominent children and junior swimmers from outside Andorra such as Ariadna Pujadas of the Navarre team, who has a 12-year-old best national mark (MMN) in the Spanish field, in the 50 meter butterfly and Mae Comas of the CN Mediterrani, with a best Catalan mark (MMcat) of 14 years in 50 meter breaststroke and finalist in the Spanish Children’s Championships.

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