Grows by 40% ‘Memories of Meritxell Avenue’

The community has called a competition to improve it and connect it with the Bike Lab

Grows by 40% 'Memories of Meritxell Avenue'

The exhibition ‘Memories of Meritxell Avenue’ has been growing since it was inaugurated at the Andorra la Vella Fair in 2019. In this way, it now contains 40% more material than the initial exhibition. And as one of its managers, Fidel Solsona, emphasized at the time of the presentation, this is a “living” exhibition that has been nourished by the memories of the people who “built” the avenue. Thus, there are more photographs and graphic resources than when it was inaugurated.

All of this can be seen in the space between the new communal buildings in Plaça Lídia Armengol and the Bici Lab Andorra museum. Precisely so that this exhibition, which has been occupying the aforementioned space for some time, gains in visibility, the municipality has called a competition to enable the location in such a way as to improve the connection of the exhibition with the Bici Lab. The exhibition is located in a corridor that connects the museum and the communal buildings and the aim is to make it “more visible” thanks to the work that will be done there and which must be completed during the third quarter of the year. At the same time, they add from the communal corporation, it will be used to enable a new study room for the Llamp children, which will be ready for the start of the school year.

The ‘Memories of the Meritxell avenue’ project, promoted by the municipality of Andorra la Vella together with the Government, reconstructs the birth of the avenue and its evolution until its consolidation in 1977. To carry out the study has contacted about 200 people and the effective participants are now about seventy.

In addition to growing the exhibition with new witnesses and improving its physical visibility, work is also being done so that it can count on the Parl’APP application, to bring it closer to people with functional diversity.

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