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Latest Data Analyst Jobs In Taiwan

Work content:

We are the Weikang Technology data team, focusing on solving data experts in the financial field, and continuously improving and developing supervision technology products.

The team members include data experts, data scientists, engineers and project managers to assist customers in solving issues such as data center, data lakes, big data and data conversion, and support customers in completing their project schedules.

Your work includes:

  • Participate in company data product planning, implement products, produce MVPs and meet product milestones.
  • Participate in the implementation of data application projects and ensure quality.
  • Assist in pre-sales POC verification of data application projects.
  • Assist data technology products and perform POC and functional feature verification.
  • Regular data articles are published.
  • Team core value

Achieve customers with intelligent data, dig deep into technology, pursue challenges and innovations, and invite you who continue to surpass yourself to join together

Condition requirements

  • More than one year of data project or product implementation experience.
  • Experience with programming implementation (Python or Java or Nodejs or Shell or SQL).
  • Practical experience in data streaming Kafka products.
  • Practical experience with unstructured data repository Elasticsearch or Neo4j products.
  • Get familiar with Git.
  • Active, willing to learn and share new technologies, with the characteristics of self-growth and pursuit of progress.

remote type

Partial remote interviews

You can arrange a video initial interview according to the needs of the applicant. After the initial interview, you need to arrange 1-2 onsite interviews

Bonus conditions

  • With development experience on cloud computing platform (GCP/AWS/etc..), strong interest in new cloud technology and processing and analysis of large amounts of data is preferred.
  • Practical experience with Greenplum or Hadoop products is preferred.
  • Practical experience in data warehousing is preferred.
  • Practical experience in microservice containerization is a plus.

Employee Benefits

WebComm is a dynamic, relaxed and fast-growing company.

At Wellcome, there is no stick to the rules, only encouragement to move forward.

Respironics attaches great importance to teamwork and self-management, provides a challenging, creative and lively and highly free working environment, and welcomes those who dare to try to accept the challenge.

[salary and remuneration] better than the industry salary level
. Salary for the current month is prepaid on the 15th of each month.
. Guaranteed annual salary for 14 months: Guaranteed annual salary for 14 months: half a month for the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and one month for the Spring Festival.
. Annual salary adjustment: higher than the industry’s salary and bonuses, and at the same time salary adjustment in July every year, we attach great importance to the partners who work together to share the fruits of struggle.
. Incentive Rewards: Incentive bonuses and incentive programs are awarded quarterly or annually to encourage colleagues and constantly challenge themselves.
. Performance bonus: Based on performance appraisal, performance bonus is issued to reward colleagues for their hard work throughout the year, so that enthusiastic partners can share business results together.
. Talent recommendation bonus: Encourage internal colleagues to recommend talents and find more excellent partners for Wellcome.

【Learning and Growth】Perfect training to make your career more comprehensive
. Basic functional training: complete on-the-job training for new colleagues, allowing you to lay the foundation for success.
. Professional skills training: colleagues find appropriate courses according to their professional fields to improve professional skills and create a broad and unlimited career.
. Management training: Emphasis on both management theory and practice, including training programs for new managers, middle managers, senior managers and future managers.
. Education and training subsidy: internal and external professional and technical courses, help colleagues to learn new knowledge, obtain certification, and receive bonuses for certification.
. Technology exchange and sharing meeting: Through the internal technology exchange and sharing meeting, you and your partners can learn from each other and accelerate learning.

[Leisure and entertainment] Rich activities can also be played with friends
. Travel subsidy: There is a fixed travel subsidy every year to make you happy to travel and recharge.
. Departmental dinners: Department and company dinners, project celebration dinners, year-end dinners and lottery draws, and irregular stay-out activities.
. Entertainment activities: Various entertainment activities are held regularly every season, such as baking classrooms, archery experience, karaoke contest, go-kart racing… You can also bring your companions to participate.
. Arts and cultural activities: Irregularly book movie screenings, or distribute movie tickets or tickets for arts and cultural activities with pride to enhance the cultural atmosphere.
. Community activities: The company subsidizes various community activities. You are welcome to join us, work hard and play hard together.
. Festive & Special Events: Add fun to work with Halloween parties, Christmas parties, gift exchanges and team leadership events…etc.

【Work and Environment】Flexible working hours, generous leave
. Flexible commuting: flexible commuting and a 1.5-hour lunch break, allowing you to freely adjust your work and rest time, and go to work every day is the best state.
. It is better than the special leave provisions of the Labor Standards Act: starting from the year of the arrival date, that is, according to the ratio of eight days, the special leave for the first calendar year will be given.
. Comfortable office environment: bright and open comfortable space, coffee bar and dining and rest area are of course indispensable.
. Free coffee: Premium coffee machine, one-click refreshment.
. Convenient transportation: It is located in Nanjing Sanmin MRT Station, with convenient transportation.

[Safety and Welfare] Let colleagues go to work with peace of mind
. Regular health check: Wellcome attaches great importance to the health of each employee and conducts regular health check every two years.
. All kinds of allowances, gifts or gifts: whether it is important festivals, birthdays, marriages, childbirth, sick condolences, funeral condolences, there are allowances, gifts or gifts.
. The company additionally insures employer accident liability insurance.

【Improve the system】Let talents develop in an all-round way
. Perfect management system.
. Complete educational training.
. Smooth promotion pipeline.

Salary range

Negotiable (recurring salary up to 40,000 yuan)

Clinical Data Analyst Intern

Key Accountabilities:

Data Validation (cleaning):

  • Responsible for/start to lead data cleaning and data review activities (Co-Primary CDA/Primary CDA), eg query management and manual/SAS listing reviews.
  • Support/start to lead data processing activities from database setup to database lock, eg external vendor data reconciliation.

Data Management Documents/Plans (Trial Master File):

  • Perform and/or support the setup of DM documents and ensure proper documentation as per Standard Operating Procedures, ICH/GCP Guidelines.

Study Start-Up Activities and User Acceptance Testing (UAT):

  • Start to lead/perform user acceptance testing on clinical database setups.
  • Start to review protocols and EDC Entry Screens if required.

Data Tracking and Entry:

  • Track and review CRFs. Support data entry where required.

Project Quality Management & Compliance:

  • Ensure compliance to Standard Operating Procedures, ICH/GCP Guidelines.
  • Support/start to lead functional QC activities on databases and/or patient data, as per business needs.


  • Maintain training compliance as per Job Roles assigned, including On-the-Job training.
  • Address training needs, as per Development Goal/s identified.


  • Evidence of strong problem-solving skills and logical reasoning
  • Commitment to first time quality, including a methodical, analytical and accurate approach to work activities (attention to detail)
  • Time management and prioritization skills in order to meet objectives and timelines
  • Evidence of ability to work collaboratively within a team environment
  • Good interpersonal, oral and written communication skills
  • Learning ability and knowledge sharing approach; swift understanding of technologies and new processes
  • A flexible attitude with respect to work assignments and new learning; ability to adjust rapidly to changing technical environments
  • Evidence of accountability relative to Key Accountabilities in Job Description
  • Written and oral fluency in English

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Demonstrates technical aptitude with awareness/potential prior experience in Microsoft Office Products (basic computer skills).
  • Basic understanding of data management processes and data validation flow (eg Data cleaning, DB lock)
  • Basic understanding of relevant ICH-GCP Guidelines, local regulatory requirements and PAREXEL SOPs and study specific procedures
  • Basic knowledge of Clinical Data Management Systems (eg InForm, Rave, Veeva, Datalabs, ClinBase.)
  • Basic understanding of Clinical Study Team roles within Data Management
  • Experience in clinical research industry
  • Basic knowledge of medical terminology and coding dictionaries (eg MedDRA & WHODRUG)
  • Basic knowledge of Data Management Operational processes and tasks during study start-up, conduct and close-out
  • Basic knowledge of Database set-up activities, including but not limited to Database Configuration Specifications and setup of Data Validation


  • Bachelor’s degree and/or other medical qualifications or relevant industry experience.

Hong Kong Listed Medical Aesthetics Group Data Analyst

work content

  • Data collection, construction and maintenance to transform data into valuable business insights
  • Familiar with Tableau tools, visualize data and build various dashboards
  • Familiar with Alteryx tools, assist in data structure construction and overall data flow preparation
  • Participate in and facilitate business process analysis meetings to assist business unit process improvement and provide operating unit data disassembly strategies
  • Ensure that the data analysis process is effective and complete, including data extraction, manipulation, processing, storage, archiving, etc.

Condition requirements

  • At least 1 year of experience in Tableau data visualization implementation
  • Familiar with Alteryx tools and have at least 1 year of implementation experience
  • 2+ years of relevant experience in data analysis, preferably in CRM, retail or health care
  • Good analytical, presentation, communication and problem-solving skills
  • Active and positive work attitude

Bonus conditions

  • Major in data science, business statistical analysis and information related, college degree or above
  • Experience with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and BI platforms is a plus
  • Possess good English proficiency and experience in cross-border cooperation

Employee Benefits

  • Enjoy 16 days of special vacation in the first year, increasing by 1 day every year.
  • 5 days sick leave with full pay per year
  • At present, all team members are working remotely. It is expected that a Taiwan office will be established in downtown Taipei in August 2022.

Salary range

Negotiable (recurring salary up to 40,000 yuan)

Junior Data Analyst

work content

【What do you need to do? 】

  • Data project maintenance, regular refresh of data required for large data projects
  • Items required to maintain data tracking
  • Metric monitoring and ensuring data quality
  • Mining data to assist in maintenance and operation of visual reports
  • Optimize the current data cleaning process

Condition requirements

  • Familiar with R/Python language, can use R/Python language for data cleaning
  • Familiar with postgresql
  • Basic needs analysis and solving skills
  • Familiar with DataStudio/Tableau

Bonus conditions

  • Familiarize yourself with Google Analytic
  • Participated in Google Tag Manager deployment project

Employee Benefits

< Kdan Benefits 2.0 > In addition to the basic three bonuses and high-quality health checks, Kdan has seven incredible!

  • In the statutory special leave system, join Kdan to enjoy an additional 7 days of Kdan VIP exclusive leave for one year
  • Flexible working hours, decide your own working hours!
  • There is an endless supply of beverages, coffee and snacks for you to increase your brain power, don’t worry, we also have a flywheel to let you eat more snacks without worrying about getting fat!
  • Irregular Teambuilding activities, outdoor outings, movie reservations, bowling PK, take you to catch up, run and jump
  • Provide a subsidy for further study programs, so that you can continue to improve!
  • Open workspace where the entire office can be your desk
  • We have Bartenders who are delayed by design, singers who are delayed by programming, and more interesting people waiting for you to meet!

Salary range

NT$ 32,000 – 38,000 (monthly salary)

Data Analyst – Overseas

work content

We are on a mission to spark connections and bring people together.

Dcard is a social media platform devoted to creating a safe and free environment for ever-flowing ideas and extraordinary stories. Garnering the trust of the younger generation, our service attracts millions of active users and up to 18 million unique visitors per month. We have substantial influence and high penetration amongst the youth of Taiwan, but our ambitions do not stop here.

As a strong and emerging international company, we are on a mission to spark connections and bring people together. We continue to make impactful influence in the social media, advertising and e-commerce fields. Continuing our success in the Taiwan market, we are now expanding to Hong Kong, Japan, and the APAC & LATAM market.

As a Data Analyst at Dcard, your decisions and strategies will impact users all over the world and bring beautiful experiences to their lives. If you are ready to take the leap, join us in creating an experience that connects people all around the world!

Why should you join Dcard?

Dcard provides different services and products such as Draw Card, Forums, E-Commerce and our users range from college students to working adults. Our growth mindset allows us to continue building our fast-developing organization and continue to extend its influence. Working as an Analyst at Dcard will allow you to work with millions of user behavior data across social media, e-commerce and international markets, giving you the opportunity to hone in your skills. We provide a platform with potential, and we want you to join us in creating an experience that connects the world!

About the Product Team

As part of the product team, you will work closely with the Product Manager, Overseas Team and Operations Team. You’ll work within a culture that is data driven, exploring large amounts of data to better understand the needs of our users. You’ ll also provide critical business insights that directly influence the decisions of our overseas markets, becoming a key member in the development of them. With your help, we hope to continue optimizing our products and provide an even better user experience.

What You’ll Do

  • Analyze results through various user acquisition channels (Platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Facebook Groups) and assist in optimizing marketing budgets
  • Assist Dcard in data analysis of online and offline marketing events in the overseas markets, providing insights to continue campaign design optimization
  • Collect, analyze and integrate data from all parties, creating dashboard reports or data tools to improve decision making quality
  • Outline user profile through user behavior data to assist the product development and overseas operations teams in better understanding our users
  • Formulate appropriate indicators for A/B Tests, analyze and use experiment results as the basis for formulation of product strategies
  • Collaborate with the product development and overseas operations teams in reaching product targets

Condition requirements

  • Minimum 1 year experience in analysis of digital products
  • Understand digital marketing trends and be able to pick up various analysis tools quickly
  • Familiar with SQL syntax and experience in querying data from relational databases
  • Familiar with Data Studio or other visualization tools and able to integrate and use various data sets independently
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good at observing user behavior and possesses a good product sense

remote type

  • Partial remote interviews
  • Partial remote work

Bonus conditions

  • Experience as a Data Analyst or experience performing product analysis on any team – APP preferable
  • Experience working in a start-up or tech company with ability to adapt to a fast paced environment and cross department collaboration
  • Experience related to multinational products
  • Data driven mindset with a passion for experiments, familiarity with A/B testing
  • Familiarity with analysis tools and platforms such as Amplitude and AppsFlyer

Employee Benefits

  • annual leave

Enjoy superior annual leave, unpaid sick leave, birthday leave, and special holidays (Dcard days, etc.), and rest to go a long way.

  • working environment

Free and bright work space, comfortable work equipment, spacious office, and even a bed to assist partners to replenish their physical strength.

  • Flexible atmosphere

With the flexible Remote Work, partners can independently arrange the time and place of work. More flexibility creates different possibilities!

  • team insurance

Comprehensive group insurance and complete health check-up, each of which is designed to be more considerate of the health needs of our partners.

  • team celebration

Team activities such as festive parties, lunch days, tail teeth, weekly partner sharing, etc., we value every opportunity to get together!

  • fun activities

Fruit day, hand shake cup day, personal massage, various sports classes, exclusive Dcard Buddy Program, etc., enjoy Dcard life with your partners!

  • Learning Resources

We cultivate partners based on their needs, and provide unlimited learning resources (books, lectures, course subsidies), partners can directly request and get them within 24 hours. Cooperate with corporate consultants from time to time, hold internal training for lecturers, provide conference subsidies at home and abroad, such as WWDC, Google I/O, and invite industry experts to come to Dcard to share, and visit other companies from time to time to communicate with each other. We encourage all departments to hold reading clubs, hold Developer Session once a month, and hold workshops on different themes from time to time.

Salary range

NT$ 50,000 – 100,000 (monthly salary)