L’Ull Nu hosts the screenings of seven directors from Quebec

It is the first time that the Quebec delegation has come to the Principality

L'Ull Nu hosts the screenings of seven directors from Quebec
Guillaume Lambert, Louis-Philippe Rondeau, Lawrence Cöte-Collins, Guilhem Caillard and Zoé Pelchart. | Nu Eye Festival

The Quebec delegation are the guests of honor at the Ull Nu Festival. This will be the first time in the history of cinema that Quebec will be presented in the Principality. The Quebec CINEMANIA film festival explains that they are proud to participate in this project and to be the first Canadians to collaborate with the Nu Eye. The Canadian festival has chosen an unprecedented selection of seven films from Quebec that will be screened in the Principality in the coming days.

The director general and programming of CINEMANIA, Guilhem Caillard, explained yesterday that “the idea was to give a good vision of what Quebec can offer in the world of cinema. The films were chosen taking into account the quality and that they were very new “Some of them we had shown at the CINEMANIA festival, and the others have been released in the past few weeks in cinemas in Quebec” pointed out Caillard.

The director general also explained that the collaboration between Andorra and Quebec began in 2021 when he visited the Principality and met with the Head of Government, the Minister of Culture and the Minister of Tourism. In this meeting, he explains that he observed that “they were very open to opening new horizons, to collaborating with Quebec and opening another page in a book with the creation of new industries such as cinema”, explained Caillard while adding that the collaboration between the two will continue.

One of the films by Quebec directors that will be shown this week in the Principality is ‘Niagara’ by the director, actor and screenwriter Guillaume Lambert. The director explains that it is the story of three brothers and is about their journey through mourning the loss of their father. The story follows how the three brothers question what they have done throughout their lives, what dreams they have failed to fulfill and what they will do from now on.

Lambert explains that he began writing the script for the film during the pandemic when he came to the realization that many people were experiencing a loss, whether it was of a loved one or for work-related reasons.

Zoé Pelchart is the director of the short film “Gaby les collines”, one of the other screenings at the festival. His short film is about a girl who returns to the village where her father lives, after having gone through puberty. Pelchart explains that the girl’s body changed so much during this period that when she returns to the village all the relationships she has with her friends and family change. “The film touches on delicate subjects such as the woman’s body, but in a fun way.”

Finally, the director and screenwriter Lawrence Cöté-Collins explains that her film “Bungalow” gives a critical view on what she calls “the Walt Disney life, where your life is successful, you have a house, children, two cars” a life that the director affirms that “doesn’t resemble my life at all, and it was very difficult for me to live outside this box”. This film is dedicated to Lawrence’s mother because, as the director explains, “The film is the dream of life that my mother wanted for me.” 

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