Ordino overcomes Engordany and the fight for permanence draws smoke

In the fight for the title, Atlético and Inter win and the five point difference remains

Ordino overcomes Engordany and the fight for permanence draws smoke
The Ordino players celebrate one of the two goals scored against Engordany, yesterday at the FAF Training Centre. | FAF


Important game that opened the 26th day in which the Lauredians played for the permanence and the Caldencans, to maintain the options for the title.

Those from Otger Canals had enough with 50 seconds to open the scoring. Gallego made it 0-1 in an action that put the game on track for Inter. The Scaldencos could have done many more, but the best player of the match for Sant Julià was the goalkeeper, Àlex Ruiz, who had to intervene in several clear goal-scoring actions, both in the first and in the second half.

At the restart, Sascha’s goal arrived. Centered from the left side and finished with a header to make it 0-2. From here, only one team on the grass. Three minutes later, the third arrived, the work of De Nova solving a mess inside the area. Already in the final stretch, two more goals for the people of Spain. Chete scored his third goal in three games in the Liga Multisegur Assegurances. It was 0-4. The score closed with a great goal from Iñigo after a great personal play, making Inter’s fifth goal, from five different players.


The leader, pressured by Inter’s victory which placed him two points behind, defended the five points in the best way against a Penya who arrived at the meeting with four games in a row without losing and with the need to add to seal the permanence

Fede Bessone’s took time to mark the differences. The first half was played at a high pace. Atlético dominated the ball, but Penya put up a good defense and direct football that caused many problems for the leader. The first clear opportunity was for Ordóñez, who benefited from a bad pass by Àlex Sánchez that left the Penya winger alone in front of Victor López, but he did not define well and Victor Lopez stopped without problems. The leader’s clearest came in the 27th and meant the first goal of the game. Defensive refusal by Denches and Riverola, first, sent the ball inside from the front.

The second half was clearly for Atlético. Right from the start, in the 48th minute, Riverola sent the ball over the crossbar. The preview of his double, which would arrive in the 52nd. Víctor López saved the 1-2 under the goal line with a shot from Denches and in the 72nd the sentence arrived. Great play on the right by Bolivar, pass from death and Casadesús, first, made the definitive 0-3.


De-caffeinated pigeon derby between an EU in no man’s land and with nothing at stake, against a FC Santa Coloma more pending the Cup final on May 28, although it can still unseat Inter from second place.

The chances came in spades. In the 21st minute, Sergio Rodríguez missed alone at the second post for Dmitry Chéryshev’s men. Already in the second half, Jacobo made a great intervention to remove Coto’s placed shot. So, distribution of points.


Key match in the definition of the low zone to close the day 26. Engordany needed a draw to achieve mathematical permanence against an Ordino who if they won would be three points behind and break the tie at the bottom of the table with the Saint Julian

The people from Ordinance, much superior, took a quarter of an hour to inaugurate the electronic one. Great combination between Rabasso and Izan, and the latter defined in front of Coca with a cross-shot. Shortly after, on the 21st, the second would arrive. Pass in space to Estrada, who made a spur touch and Víctor Rodríguez entered from behind to beat the Engordany goal again. Before the break, Ordino would enjoy a triple chance, very clear, but between the defense and Coca, they prevented the third goal from getting on the scoreboard before the break.

In the restart, Ordino’s dominance and opportunities continued, as he parried the third in the boots of Maldonado, who again missed an elbow-to-elbow in front of Coca in the 57th minute. And in the 67th, another game began. Corner for Engordany that Julián Fernández finished in the back of the net to make it 1-2. In the 71st, a very dangerous foul on the front for Engordany that Marc Pujol kicked, narrowly missed. In a final of heart attack and with chances in both goals, Izan Maldonado again forgave the 1-3 in the 77th minute and shortly afterward Diego Najera also had it in the other goal. With suffering, Ordino ended up adding the three points.

El Pas is proclaimed champion of the United League

FC Pas de la Casa was proclaimed champion of the United League on Saturday. The victory for Sebas Varela’s team by 2-1 against Carroi, added to Atlético América’s draw against Esperança (1-1) allowed Pas to seal the title of champion.

Currently, Pas and Atlético América are already teams in the Multisegur League. L’Esperança and Carroi are fighting for the other direct spot and the promotion spot. L’Esperança was not enough with the added point to achieve direct promotion, however, it has the goal within reach, given that it has 47 points and takes five from Carroi with two days left for the play to end – off ascent

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