5 Assertiveness Techniques That Will Get You The Respect You Deserve


It is simple to gain people’s respect if you learn to be more assertive and improve your communication skills. It’s a common misconception that in order to assert oneself, one must act like an extrovert. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Being assertive entails being open and honest about what you require, desire, feel, or believe, while also respecting others’ … Read more

What happens if you color your hair purple when it’s already green?


What’s the deal with my blonde hair’s green tint? The green colour you’re seeing is actually an oxidized mineral accumulation. Copper, magnesium, and chlorine have an affinity for binding to the surface proteins of the hair shaft,” Donato explains. Using a purifying shampoo to remove the grassy odor will not only fail, but it may … Read more

5 New Habits of Highly Effective Leaders Supported by Research (and a Lot of Common Sense)


Is it possible to boost both the bottom line and employee satisfaction and engagement at the same time?  Yes, undoubtedly, Being a boss entails balancing the needs of the company with the needs of the employees. When it comes to the bottom line, most executives prioritize business objectives. Who are the most effective managers?  They recognize … Read more

What are the permissible weapons for self-defense in Mexico?


The Mexican government has authorized the possession of seven firearms for self-defense. Glock 9x19mm from Glock Manufacturing Company. Detailed explanation: 941F Jericho The Tacops P2226 is a semi-automatic pistol. In use, the SIG SAUER P320. The model’s name is Pietro Bereta 92 FS. FNP9 Herstal in its entirety. The SIG SAUER P250 is a compact pistol. … Read more