Saved but tied

FC Andorra remains in the second division, but it does not go beyond 2-2 against Cuer and already relegated CD Lugo

Saved but tied
Iván Gil celebrates his goal, which equalized, in yesterday’s game. | @FCANDORRA

The Anxo Carro was the scene yesterday of the duel between CD Lugo and FC Andorra, match corresponding to the 39th day of the Smartbank League. The Galicians were playing at home for the first time after losing the category and chained 17 matches without knowing victory, so an easy match could be expected for those from the Principality, but nothing to do with the two-way tie in the final.

The duel started with some tricolor mathematically already saved, and maybe that’s why they took it calmly and without hurry. The first dangerous move, however, came for the Galicians, who combined inside the area, but the shot went wide of the three posts. In the next action, the first goal came from the hand of Señé, who received the ball almost inside the area after sneaking between the Andorran central players and shot hard at the first post, where Vidal could do nothing.

Those from Sarabia wanted to quickly respond and began to be more vertical. So much so, that in the 12th minute Valera made an integrated pass on the left side and after reaching the bottom line, he made a pass inside the area that Bover finished with pleasure, putting the tie at bright

It seemed that the 1-1 woke up the tricolors from the bad start they were having, but it didn’t last long. With 20 minutes to go in the first half, Alti was forced to cut off a counterattack by Íñigo Vélez. At first, Iosu Galech Apezeteguía did not whistle anything, but with the intervention of the VAR he ended up sending off the Catalan full-back with a straight red, being the eighth expulsion of FC Andorra throughout the season.

At the resumption of the match, the locals were more aggressive, but the Sarabia team, despite being one less on the pitch, did not want to give up their style. CD Lugo’s numerical superiority did not last long, and after four minutes Calavera was sent off, also with a straight red card, for cutting off an attack by Gil and Valera, who were marching alone towards the rival goal.

Already with equal conditions, those from the Principality wanted to redo, and Gil starred in the first great opportunity of the second half with a powerful shot from the front, which Sequeira refused and Bakis wanted to finish with the head, but sent the ball wide. The tricolor midfielder enjoyed a similar opportunity, which also went wide, and an equal shot from Carbó did not pose much danger to Vidal either.

From then on, the visitors put the game to sleep with a lot of possession between the defensive line and the goalkeeper, but the Galicians came on top and started to have more of the ball. It was the 77th minute, and a foul by Alende on the edge of the area led to the third goal of the game. Clavería made the cross and Rodríguez, very poorly marked, shot alone to put his team ahead on the scoreboard.

They say that the strategy is decisive, the Vélez team had just shown that, and with five minutes left to reach the 90, the Sarabia team showed off the same. Lateral foul close to the area. Héctor made a pass to the front for Gil, who placed the ball with a nut that the Galician goalkeeper could not stop, thus leaving the result until the end of the duel.

Iván Gil – the standout –

  • Tireless: The tricolor did not stand still, and it was noticeable in a game that was sometimes very calm. He controlled the ball in attack and went down to defend when necessary.
  • Determinant: He was decisive in a large part of the match, but especially in the last 30 minutes, where he was key to creating chances thanks to his arrivals and passes.
  • Arrivals: During the second half he made merits of his powerful shot. And the third is the good one: two almost identical finishes before scoring the equalizer.

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