Taxes and Borders opens 48 files for not declaring the IGI

The fines imposed add up to a value of 47,590.60 euros

Taxes and Borders opens 48 files for not declaring the IGI
A French customs agent in Portà. | ANA archive

The Department of Taxes and Borders has opened a total of 48 sanctioning files for not declaring the IGI between October 2020 and March 2023. This is clear from the data provided by the Government, in which it is indicated that the fines imposed amount to 47,590.60 euros and that during this period customs agents have carried out nearly 3,500 checks on residents. Going into the details of the information, in approximately two years and six months, residents have declared a total of 5,055 imports, most of them during 2022 (2,141) and 2021 (1,847). 

Although the majority of acts have been carried out at the Runer River border office, namely 2,577, it is also noteworthy that 1,292 procedures were carried out at La Poste, which represents 25.50% of the imports that have been declared. In relation to the value of the goods, they amount to a total of 11,217 euros, 2022 being the year in which more money was declared, 4,960.46 euros. As for the typology of the products, the majority have been watches, followed by others, jewellery, furniture, textile and clothing items and, finally, electronic devices. 

It should be remembered that in September 2020 the Government approved the regulation on the simplification of office formalities for goods intended for individuals, which establishes that citizens who import goods must satisfy the IGI at customs if the franchise is higher than 900 euros and, in the case of having benefited from the ‘tax free’, if the overall value exceeds 300 euros for those over the age of fifteen and 150 for minors.

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