The Andorran School celebrates 40 years with a video clip

Nearly 1,500 students recorded the video clip of body percussion

The Andorran School celebrates 40 years with a video clip
Part of the students of the Andorran School in the recording of the video clip. | Government of Andorra

Yesterday morning, the three secondary schools of the Andorran education system participated in the production of a video clip of body percussion, on the occasion of the celebration of the 40 years of the Andorran School. A recording that took place in the old Plaça de Braus, located in Andorra la Vella, and in which nearly 1,500 students took part. 

The project had the collaboration of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, as well as the Koers group, which lent their song “Ballarem” so that it could be sung by the students and played with the school’s batucada. In addition, the drummer of the Dogs group, Santi Serratosa, was in charge of creating the choreography performed by the participating students. 

For their part, the music teachers of the three schools were in charge of promoting the project and organizing all the rehearsals carried out throughout the school year. The teachers themselves also collaborated in promoting the activity, with the aim of involving all the students.

Once the recording of the video clip was finished, all the students and adults of the schools were able to enjoy a concert offered by the Koers group itself. The video clip will be made public through social networks in the coming weeks, once it has been edited, thus forming part of the various activities that are being promoted during this year’s course to celebrate and commemorate the 40 years of the Andorran School.

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