The first names of the new executive are beginning to emerge

Conxita Marsol, Helena Mas, and Víctor Filloy, among the most popular names

What until yesterday was an absolute hermeticism and uncertainty surrounding the names that would make up the next government, seems to be starting to thin out today. The cloud of doubt that surrounded Xavier Espot and his executive is beginning to clear up and Conxita Marsol’s name is no longer the only one on the table, but in the last few hours, a few names have together with that of the former Consul Major of Andorra la Vella. We remember that Marsol’s intention was to run for trustee, but eventually, Espot granted him the portfolio of Presidency, Economy, and Housing. As for the position of trustee, this ended up corresponding to Carles Enseñat, appointed on Wednesday at the constitutive session, together with Sandra Codina as deputy trustee and Carol Puig and Maria Àngels Aché as secretaries of the syndicate.

Expected names and some surprising ones

The name of Conxita Marsol would now be joined by that of Helena Mas, who starts as a favorite to lead the Ministry of Health. The one who was until now number two in this same portfolio is running as one of the candidates determined to take this new position, despite her electoral defeat in Sant Julià de Lòria in the last elections. It should be noted that the name of Mas was initially linked to the Social Affairs portfolio, but the constant movement of names in the orange party has meant that the Lauredian is now positioned in the ministry that she already knows by heart.

Following this line, the next names that would take a step forward would be that of Ladislau Baró and Ester Molné. While the former would be given the portfolio of Justice and Interior, Molné would become the visible face of Social Affairs. Two decisions that, as also happens with Helena Mas, are not yet completely clear and could be subject to a last-minute change. 

In addition, after the swearing-in of the new general counsels, two more names have been added to the composition of the Government to cover the resignations of Trini Marín and Jordi Torres. Marín was in charge of the portfolio of Public Administrations and Citizen Participation, a position that will now be held by Maria Ubach, who until then was in charge of Foreign Affairs. On the other hand, Víctor Filloy, acting Minister of Territory and Housing, also assumes the portfolio of Tourism and Telecommunications, “property” of Jordi Torres until his appointment as General Counsel.

In this way, the portfolios of Education, Finance, and Foreign Affairs, possibly the three most important ministries and which, in principle, would be intended for more technical and less political profiles, would still be allocated.

Jordi Gallardo, new acting head of government

The constitution of the General Council yesterday also meant that, at the beginning of this new legislature, the powers of the position of head of government, a position held by the leader of the Democrats Xavier Espot, were delegated to Jordi Gallardo, councilor of ‘Action. The one who was until now Minister of the Presidency, Economy, and Business will be in charge of this position until the new Government is formed.

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