The Petits Cantors honor Catherine Métayer

The Petits Cantors honor Catherine Métayer

The Association of Petits Cantors of the Principality of Andorra will hold a concert next May 14 at the National Auditorium to pay tribute to Catherine Métayer to return in the form of thanks everything she gave to the Association over many years.

The Petits Cantors Choir of the Principality of Andorra was founded in 1991 by Catherine Métayer together with Marta Déu and Josep Dallarès.

During these thirty years of history, the Choir has contributed, not only to the projection of the Principality around the world, but also to the training of young people who, over the years, have become music professionals.

Beyond the very existence of the institution, it has the clear vocation to contribute to the constitutional right to education contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, oriented towards the full development of the human personality and dignity, all the while strengthening respect to freedom and fundamental rights.

With this objective present as the foundation of the Choir’s actions throughout its history, it has been able, thanks to the support of Andorran institutions and currently specifically the Government of Andorra and the Commune of Andorra la Vella, to act in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Spain, United States, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Portugal or Switzerland, among others. The actions that the training has carried out at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York, at the Vatican or at the Elysee Palace are particularly noteworthy.

Catherine Métayer was at the head of the formation now directed by Jordi Sabata, and both on a personal level and at the head of the Choir, she promoted countless musical and cultural initiatives in the country and therefore became a fundamental pillar in the development of choral singing in Andorra

For the Little Singers of yesterday, today and tomorrow, his figure is pivotal and fundamental. And without the huge task that he has carried out during all these years, it would not be possible to understand the musical evolution of the country nor the high degree of esteem for music that he has managed to instill in so many generations of the Petits cantors.

It is for all this that the Junta dels Petits Cantors has considered it essential to be able to offer a Tribute Concert to Catherine to thank her for everything she has given them over the years.

The Concert will be held on May 14, 2023 at 6:30 p.m. in the National Auditorium and will feature several performances by people who have been through the Cor dels Petits Cantors over the years, whether they have ended up becoming professionals as children and girls, now adults, who have continued their connection with music on a more personal level.

The concert will also have several styles and you can hear from Santi Casas to Maria Solé, passing through the current boys and girls of the Cor dels Petits Cantors. 

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