The rain affects the castellers’ eighth anniversary

During the day they were accompanied by other Castelleras gangs

The rain affects the castellers' eighth anniversary
The Castellers of Andorra making a castle during the day.

After three years without being able to celebrate the christening, on Saturday the Castellers of Andorra dressed up to celebrate their eighth anniversary as a team. They were accompanied by the Castellers of Cerdanyola and the Manyacs of Parets. 

It was not clear whether the weather would allow them to celebrate the day, as the weather forecast was not the best. However, the parade through the streets of Avinguda Meritxell began on time, under the curious gaze of tourists and residents, who saw more than 200 Castellers pass through the streets accompanied by the sound of crows. 

The day started with the four pillars of welcoming the gangs, but before they could do the first round of castles, unfortunately, the weather forecast got it right and unleashed a storm of rain and hail that forced the postponement of the performances during more than a quarter of an hour. 

Once the weather calmed down, it was possible to resume and the Castellers of Andorra were able to unload a 4d6 that was well defended by the smallest of the gang. The Castellers of Cerdanyola unloaded a 3d6 and the Manyacs of Parets a 4d6. 

Finally, the rain made an appearance again and the performance was definitively suspended, as the precipitation would be continuous for the rest of the day. 

The president of the Castellers of Andorra, Juli Peña, despite the fact that the rain affected the performance, gave a very positive assessment of the day. “All our Castellers must be congratulated for having unloaded the first castel of 6 of the season and this should give encouragement and energy to continue working in the coming days, the season has just begun”, he explain Peña. 

The next performances of the Castellers of Andorra are on May 14 in Tremp and May 20 in Andorra la Vella.

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