The show ‘I am a Pebble’ brings to the stage the reflection of the erosion that words create on people

The show 'I am a pebble' brings to the stage the reflection of the erosion that words create on people

How do words affect us and how do they condition us throughout our lives? This is what Emma Riba, David Font and Xavi Pérez of the L’Era collective asked themselves a few months ago. A restlessness that they have finally decided to transfer to the stage through the contemporary dance creation show ‘I am a pebble’, a piece that is part of the new ‘poetry cycle’ program of the Season of the Auditorium that can be seen this Saturday, April 29 at 7 p.m. at the National Auditorium in Ordino. “We wanted to transcend and see what are the limits and conditions of the word” explained Pérez. “From there, the idea of ​​a pebble arose and we fell in love with it as a concept, since it is a stone that is eroded over time by the action of water.

The show, in fact, is based on several poems by Andorran authors or residents of the Principality that the creators of the work have recovered through intensive research in the archives of the National Library. Therefore, poems by Teresa Colom, Marta Deu, Bruna Generoso, Manel Gibert or Josep Enric Dallerès appear during the play.

However, as Pérez pointed out, this is not a show conceived in the traditional sense of the word, but one that traverses several fused artistic universes. “We like to mix languages ​​a lot. To create dreamlike images” indicated Pérez. “It’s a show that we’ve built from many layers. We try to bring to the stage different situations that show how the word conditions us” emphasized Pérez. In fact, the show will be performed in the foyer of the National Auditorium, a space that departs from the conventional ‘theatre à la Italiana’ and provides the creators with a special proximity to the audience. “We like that the shows are not one-sided. That we can create synergies with the spectators. That we can see the silk reaction…” enumerated Pérez.

The three members of the L’Era collective came together in 2020 to found the company, which, at the moment, has already staged a total of five pieces. The last one they premiered was ‘Des gestos perdus, dels sons oblidats’ (2021), a creation paying tribute to the godfathers and godmothers and the agricultural society of Andorra of the past which was accompanied by music that create especially for the occasion from the sound of field tools.

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