The UE Engordany continues without payment and it has been two and a half months

A couple of players and the coach have decided to leave the club

The UE Engordany continues without payment and it has been two and a half months
Marc García, UE Engordany player, during a game this season. | @m4rv_d3sign

In the middle of last month it seemed that the trouble caused by non-payments to the workforce and staff of the UE Engordany was beginning to be resolved. The club paid them one and a half months of the three it owed them, and president Christian Cellay promised they would pay the rest before the end of that week. Today, however, the debt increases again to two and a half months of payroll. “At the time he didn’t tell us anything else and he doesn’t answer anyone either by phone or by text,” explained the now former Engordany player, José Antonio JoseleAguilar The problem even goes further, since “there are a couple of players who have not even received anything”, mentioned the Catalan, recalling that “it is a critical and borderline situation. To the point where you have to consider leaving the club or your family.”

By now all the players are still in the group. All but Josele, who left him yesterday. In addition, “some of those who come from below (Barcelona and Terrassa) will no longer return, and no matter how much help we have given them, it is not enough”, he pointed out. Xavi Carmona was the first to leave the club, and coach Jesús Barón has recently joined. “Some people criticized him, but when he is promised an apartment and some money and in the end it is not given to him, I don’t understand what they want him to do.” Thus, the income of the team is taken by the second coach, Óscar Antonio Ochoa Hernández. 

It should be remembered that Cellay came to the presidency of the EU Engordany at the beginning of the year, and since then, there have been defaults. The players, desperate, have tried to contact him in the last week and a half: “We’ve been after him for a long time, but he doesn’t show signs of life. The only time he has answered, he explains that he is waiting for the policy”, emphasized the Catalan. In addition, he said that if someone came to the club to put the money, he would step aside, a statement that “is a lie because he does not let anyone in”, he added, mentioning that at the time the captains went to meet with him to ask him to leave it, since “some other people who I don’t know who they are” intended to take over the entity.

‘Josele’ Aguilar: “Many don’t want to train […] but I think they will play on Sunday because it is of interest mainly to the internationals”

Despite not having gone to any training since last week, Josele stated that the players are still attending. “It’s true that they really don’t want to do it, but they end up going almost out of obligation,” he explained. On the possibility of not appearing in this Sunday’s game against FC Ordino, “no one in the group has said anything about it and personally I think they will play. Mainly due to the interest of some players, especially the international players who want to be called up». 

Asked about his future, the Catalan player was honest: “I have experienced it on other occasions and now I do it in a different way. I prefer to close this stage and forget it, since I think it was the worst choice I have made». “I don’t fit in at all in this club either” and “that there are all these morons will only make them take European places in Andorra”, he added before finishing: “Now I have to focus on my work, and next year we’ll see.”

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