Toni Puig ready to take on more responsibilities in the liberal executive

The leader of the youth section of the party sees the difficult situation, but is available to the party

Toni Puig ready to take on more responsibilities in the liberal executive
Image of Toni Puig during an international assembly. | The Newspaper

These are uncertain times in the national political landscape. For some more than others. Changes to the Liberals are more than imminent. In fact, the next few weeks will see movements in various political formations in the country.

The Liberals’ case was obvious after the result of the elections on April 2.

This past Thursday, the blue formation called the media to announce that at the congress of the formation on the 22nd it will be the militancy who will decide the future composition of the executive.

In the last week, rumors had been heard that pointed to a possible departure from the party of Toni Puig, president of Joves Liberals and one of the oldest militants today. In fact, a possible approach of the liberal to Concordia sounded strongly.

The pre-election agreement between the Liberals and the DA has already been proven to have not worked and, even worse, it has harmed them quite a bit. As a result, the formation led by Josep Maria Cabanes now accuses Espot of breaching the pact.

And, although in the press conference held last Thursday, Cabanes did not want to talk about treason. Víctor Pintos did, explicitly, at the same time that he was disappointed by the attitude of Democrats, assuring that “we signed a document with the head of government in which it was made clear that in Andorra la Vella and Ordino we would have number 3 of the territorial list and if these parishes were won, our numbers 3 would rise as general councilors”. He added that “Ordino’s colleagues have indeed felt betrayed by seeing how they have taken decisions at national level that have clearly benefited DA and their response has been to break the pact established”.

Now, with the announcement made yesterday by the party in which all the positions of the current executive are at the disposal of the party, until the next congress, other possibilities and opportunities are open to Toni Puig, what is it like to remain within the liberal discipline. And it seems that Puig would sound like a name to be an important and prominent part of the new Liberal executive. In this way, the leader of the young section of the Liberals could apply to assume greater organic responsibilities in the party and be one of the people who end up taking the reins of the party.

The president of Joves Liberals, in statements to the Newspaper, highlighted his work done and feels ready to face the challenge of entering the party’s executive if it is deemed appropriate. “If the party sees fit for me to be there, I will be there. I am available to the party.” Although he still doesn’t know what his fit might be, “I hadn’t thought about it before, but if they offer me a position within the party I will accept it. I’ve been working for the Liberals for years.”

Asked if they had contacted him, he emphasized that “they are looking for people who want to take the project forward, they have spoken to me and I have shown my intention to continue, but I have not received any formal request”.

Although the militancy will have the last word to decide what changes are made to the executive of the political formation, Puig could be a prominent piece in the replacement for the party. The liberal believes that “the work from now on will be hard, but if a good team is created, I am ready to enter the executive. But enter or not, I will continue to be there». With these statements in the Newspaper, it would seem to infer that his supposed approach to Concordia would be just one of the many rumors that are running about all the political formations these days and filling chapels and coffee gatherings in the country.

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