Watch 'Cannibal' CME Explode From Sun's Surface in NASA Footage

Incredible video taken by NASA on August 15 shows the moment a "cannibal" coronal mass ejection (CME) was unleashed from the sun's surface.

At 03:30 UT on August 15, sunspot region 3078, which now includes 13 sunspots,

generated a cloud of hot plasma so large and quickly that it was known as a "cannibal" CME.

The solar surface plasma cloud can be seen exiting the sun in the video, which was recorded by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observator shortly after a smaller CME.

A cannibal CME occurs when two eruptions in the same region of space that are travelling quickly collide, forming a massive wave of plasma that, 

when it reaches the Earth, causes a more intense geomagnetic storm.

On August 14, at 11:30 UT, the cannibal engulfed its first CME.

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