Sunken World War II ships revealed on Danube River amid drought

Near the river port town of Prahovo in Serbia, the hulks of many German warships that sank during World War Two have been exposed by the hot drought in Europe.

The ships, which are now submerged in the Danube River, were reportedly a part of Nazi Germany's Black Sea fleet in 1944 as they fled from approaching Soviet forces.

Authorities claim that the vessels nevertheless have an influence on the river and frequently impede river traffic when the water level is low.

Over 20 ships have already surfaced, several of which are still carrying bombs and weapons. 

The boats, according to officials, present a risk to Danube shipping.

The portion at Prahova is now just 100 metres wide, a considerable reduction from the 180 metres that ships could previously reach.

To save the navigable routes, Serbian authorities have begun dredging along the river.

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